أرشيفات التصنيف: مقالات باللغة الإنجليزيّة

Structuring Of The Education System


Education has a vital role in forming human reason and framing cultural background in any Society. According to the amount and quality of education, the intellectual outcomes will be. In the beginning of the European uprising and after gradually getting rid of the Church chains, the printer- one day was prevented by religion men- was invented and started to be used. In that date exactly, the variation in books’ number between the two libraries, European & Arabian, was little but after one year the number was really striking. That was the starting point of the European renaissance whish depend mainly on books for Arabian scientists. That books, in fact, were a basis for a civilization that knocked the whole world. It’s not suitable, any way, to talk about people uprising while illiteracy surrounds them and wasted thoughts are out of date. Talking about an uprising of a nation isn’t reading would be a kind of madness ; wishes like mirage.


Facts are telling that the reading percentage of the Arabian citizen is less than 10 minutes a year versus 12 thousand minutes a year for the European. Here, in Yemen, especially we need to get rid of ignorance nightmare by adopting an overall educational revolution. That is not impossible, what we need is more efficiency in the learning field. We need punctuality from the educational and school institutions ; study content that develops mind powers instead of feeding students by spoons and memorizing. Another important fact that hinders teaching process is the spread of cheating in a large scale, even in primary classes. This phenomenon threats with moral disaster that is to destroy the educational process at all. In Morocco, for example, the same problem of cheating accrued some years ago, in spite of the educational level between Morocco and Yemen, but the king of the county risk with one year of stress on student while final exams. Students normally do not read for exams depending totally on cheating. In that year, most of students do not succeed due to the king strict instructions, but in the next year all students studied and read well and therefore succeeded. No cheating! Only studying and developing minds power, it’s very easy but needs a will.


In Yemen, education is impending extinction, all disadvantages strongly attend ; administrational corruption, student escaping from schools. Administrations lack suitable qualified persons, while students leave schools seeking works as there are no jobs. In my city, for example, it happens to stop teaching for months during the incidents last year, but nobody cares, as politics and its parties have their own interests, the last thing they think of is developing the city. In its schools, half of the teachers possess written official commands to become either vice school managers or supervisors while teaching fields lack teachers. They are doing that as to be free to their own works, they pay half of their salaries to responsible. I don’t know who sign that orders! If education is spoiled, all the country start to vanish. Please, save our schools and universities from this systematic playing! Our politicians in the capital are drawing the country political system while ignoring education. Why not to determine along with policy an educational system and bring an overall change for contents?! There must be replacing for all educational centers administrators too. Transparency in education has a Significant results; subjecting administrational positions for competition insures efficient persons in suitable positions. Those must be if we intend to change our d and knock a beautiful future for our homeland, for us and our coming generations.


The World Cancer

Corruption is one of the deadly demolition shovels that attacks the whole world and stop the development train. However, there is a slight variation in intensity. Where corruption is rampant in the poorer countries, it’s gradually reduced in rich and countries. It spreads like a cancer, not only on the official scale, but it goes beyond that to reach singles accompanied with imbalance in the general values and principles. Here is possible to say that corruption has become a culture and acquired a deadly epidemic is difficult to face.

Speaking about corruption, that necessarily means lack of control governs, poor management, system failure..etc. That’s undoubtedly leads to waste of public money, series of economic crisis, country vanishing..etc. In poor countries, that’s what exactly, happening, in the absence of law and control, nothing there but random and chaos. When a person access to responsibility, that means to become a millionaire overnight. The most shaking is that responsible should stay in that position endlessly. In those countries, regrettably, all that government corruption happen under a cover named ” Anti- Corruption Commission “. Usually, this commission sees these irregularities, but for the purpose of extortion, gain but not for the purpose of censorship.

When corruption attacks the government, which is the back bone of any country, then it can spread everywhere to reach infrastructure works, judgment, even education which act as the seed to build reliable generations. What make things even worse is the spread of mediation in a large scale in our poor countries. That enables unsuitable persons to ride sensitive positions, which reduces government performance. This means obviously that our problem is political.
International Bank and the International Monetary Fund, look to corruption as a major obstacle to development. That’s why our third world countries are still far away from the train of development station. Those people pay high costs due to government corruption. What enhances worsening corruption, the absence of the values of transparency, integrity and distance for activating the recycling law career and apply the principles of good governance. The main effective process is the fight against corruption, the dismissal and hold leaders accountable institutions, government bodies involved in corruption cases and book their money at home and abroad. Just in this point, we can say that the setup item come into practice as long as the self-discipline missed.

Twenty years ago, no one looks at the societal risks resulting from corruption. What’s done good by TI is the big role play of articulating in the provision of the Charter of the United Nations Convention against Corruption and the Convention of the Organization for Economic Cooperation of Development (OECD) against bribery. What really distinguishes TI is that it brings people in a strong global gathering to defeat corruption and the creation of a world without corruption. In spite of difficulties, the TI adopts anti- corruption efforts of self- independent.
In any case, the situation is most urgent and in need for cooperation between concerned organization and people, especially youth who are eager to change and full of life. There must be a role for them in the anti-corruption agencies of the government and create a social awareness among people about the disaster of corruption and even to enable them to share in its encounter. The youth must act as a control for administrative corruption by pressing to bring to life the law of career recycling. To be brief, all mentioned above are really to put an end for this cancer and bring back hope to the world to stop economic crisis winds, for nothing is impossible!


Mutwali Mahmud